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Quick Loans No Guarantor

A loan without a guarantor is when you apply for a loan quick in your own name using your own credit report and financial situation and hopefully having a strong enough credit score to get accepted by yourself.

A guarantor is typically used when you have bad credit and can help you with your search of getting approved. A guarantor is typically a relative or a close friend who’s willing to help and co-sign or guarantee the repayment of the loan.

In the event you’re unable to make a repayment on your loan, the responsibility for the missed payment falls onto the guarantor which means they have to cover your missed payment.

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No guarantor loans.

Most companies in the UK offer no guarantor loans, this is the usual method when applying for a loan. A guarantor is only an option when you don’t feel confident with your current credit score and financial situation. You can mention in your application that you have someone who’s happy to become a guarantor for you.

Another common situation is after you submit your application but unfortunately get declined, the company can offer you this method as an alternative to be approved.

What are the benefits of a Guarantor?

There are many benefits of applying for a loan with a guarantor. The benefits vary on how established their credit score is and what their current financial situation is.

If you have someone with an excellent credit score and a good salary, you will most likely get accepted for a loan same day payout with a lower APR which means you won’t pay as much interest back during the period of your loan.

Quick Loans No Guarantor

If you’re in need of money quickly because you’ve got bills coming up that you can’t afford this month or you need money for a car loan, etc. Many loan companies payout within 24 hours of your application being approved.

You can find this information on their website so be sure to check how long it takes for them to typically payout if you’re in need of a quick loan with no guarantor.

Fast Loans No Guarantor

A good method to find a loan fast without a guarantor is to use brokers when applying for your loan. When you input your information, they’ll use their database with hundreds of companies to find the best deals for you.

Many brokers such as ourselves will let you know if you’ve been pre-approved for a loan and give you a percentage for the chances that you’ll be accepted for certain loans. This can give you a general idea of what sort of APR and monthly repayments you’re looking at.

No Guarantor Loans Direct Lenders

If you’re looking for a loan from a Direct lender without using a broker, you can search for this specifically on google. Direct lenders will state on their website whether they’re a broker or a direct lender themselves so lookout for this information if this is what you’re looking for specifically. We are not a quick loans direct lender, we are a broker


If you’re looking for a loan without a guarantor, there are hundreds of companies out there that will be suitable for what you’re looking for. Be sure to shop around to ensure you’re getting yourself the best deal and a loan that’s most accustomed to your financial situation and needs.

Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to