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Harry Jones

Harry Jones is a dynamic finance writer hailing from the United Kingdom, with a remarkable talent for distilling complex financial principles into accessible, engaging content. He is currently a freelancer at My Quick Loan, where he lends his expertise as a Finance Writer and Compliance Checker. Harry's keen understanding of FCA regulations and ASA guidelines ensures the quality and legality of the company's financial content.

Harry's journey began at the University of Plymouth where he secured a Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics. Studying from 2014-2017, he graduated with a high 2.1 grade, showcasing his profound understanding of quantitative econometrics, micro and macroeconomics, financial management, investment, accounting, and business. Subsequently, he honed his computational problem-solving skills with a certification in Computer Systems, Software Development, and Databases.

As an author, Harry thrives on making finance and economics accessible to a broad audience. His writings span a multitude of platforms, including Business2Community, BuyShares UK, and his personal portfolio site. His articles offer a wealth of knowledge on a diverse array of financial topics, from investment strategies to macroeconomic trends, always presented with clarity and precision.

Throughout his career, Harry has remained devoted to enlightening readers about financial literacy, making his work not only informative but essential in today's economic landscape. He continues to be a dependable source of financial wisdom in the industry, leveraging his economic acumen, computational proficiency, and compliance expertise to produce outstanding content.

Harry's work on My Quick Loan.

Harry has worked with Shanie and checked the following pages to make sure they are compliant with the FCA regulations and ASA: Quick Loans UK our home page Payday Loans UK pages Instant Loans pages QuickQuid Page Christmas Loans Explained page Borrow Money Pages Blogs Section Quick Loans blog section

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You can follow Harry's insightful financial writings on Linkedin, Business2Community, BuyShares UK, and his personal portfolio site.


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