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Anti-Money Laundering Policy

My Quick Loan Anti-Money Laundering Policy

1. Customer Identification and Verification My Quick Loan is committed to adhering to strict customer identification and verification processes. We capture essential information such as name, date of birth, address, and bank account details to verify the identity of our customers. This process is crucial in preventing fraudulent activities and complying with AML regulations.

2. Monitoring Transactions My Quick Loan has implemented robust procedures to monitor customer transactions for any suspicious activities. These measures are designed to identify and flag unusual or potentially fraudulent transactions that could indicate money laundering.

3. Reporting Procedures In the event of identifying suspicious activities, My Quick Loan follows standard reporting procedures. This involves internal reporting to our compliance team and, where necessary, reporting to relevant authorities in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

4. Compliance Training All employees at My Quick Loan undergo comprehensive AML training upon joining and participate in annual refresher courses. This training ensures that our team is well-equipped to recognize and report suspicious activities and understand the latest AML regulations and practices.

5. Risk Assessment In partnership with T DOT, under their FCA license, My Quick Loan conducts thorough risk assessments to manage and mitigate risks related to money laundering. This collaborative approach ensures that all potential risks are identified and appropriately managed.

6. Compliance Officer The responsibility for AML compliance at My Quick Loan is overseen by a designated Compliance Officer. This role involves ensuring adherence to AML policies, staying updated with regulatory changes, and overseeing all AML-related activities.

7. Third-Party Relationships My Quick Loan works closely with T DOT to ensure that all third-party partners, including lenders, comply with AML regulations. T DOT conducts the necessary checks to ensure compliance among all associated parties.

8. Audits and Reviews In collaboration with T DOT, My Quick Loan participates in annual internal and external audits of its AML procedures. These audits are crucial for ensuring ongoing compliance and identifying areas for improvement.

9. Policy Review and Update Our AML policy is reviewed and updated annually. This regular review process ensures that our policy remains effective and in line with current laws and best practices.


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