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Christmas Loans UK explained

There isn’t such thing as Christmas Loans, so, If you are searching for a “Christmas Loan” to try and tide you over for a few extra presents this year; read on!

Christmas loans are just short-term loans around the Christmas period.

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Christmas Loans explained

We strongly recommend you do not take out short-term loans at Christmas. 


Loans should only be taken out for necessities, and unfortunately buying presents should not be a reason for taking out a loan this Christmas. Instead, we’ve created some ideas for you to consider to try and reduce the costs and the need for taking out finance.

If you have bad credit and are searching for Christmas Loans, even more so you should read our alternatives to Christmas Loans below as taking a loan out at Christmas with bad credit can lead to more financial difficulty.

Please see some alternatives below:

Shop around instead of getting an Xmas loan

Lots of shops do 3 for 2 offers which is a great way of getting more for your money on gifts, with some high street shops even doing 3 for 2 gifts for under £10. What a great way to fill up a stocking!

Be sure to collect points on a points card wherever possible as these soon add up and can also be used to purchase more gifts – or even buy a treat for yourself!

Points can also be collected over a year or longer, which can then help next Christmas contribute towards the cost of buying for those loved ones.


Some presents can be made yourself, such as creating your own hamper baskets filled with lots of festive goodies like Christmas pudding, chocolates and biscuits – be sure to check your local pound shop for some bargains! There are also some websites that are great for DIY inspiration like Pinterest.

Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are the ones made with love.

Recycle unwanted gifts!

That unwanted woolly jumper or unused bath set from last Christmas can all be recycled next Christmas as new gifts – just remember not to recycle it back to the person who originally bought you the gift. Some people might be against this idea, however, we think it is better than taking out a Christmas loan.


Vouchers are becoming ever more popular, why? Because you can catch some really good bargains easily online or even by downloading an app on your phone, such as Groupon. Vouchers can offer up to 70% off branded clothes, household items, holidays, fun family activities, and much more.

With a number of discounts websites around, be sure to shop around on Groupon and other discount sites and pick up a great bargain.

Black Friday

Black Friday is getting bigger and bigger each year. Personally, this is one of our favourite days to get all your shopping done in one day and save yourself a fortune at the same time.

Amazon’s Black Friday deals start early in November and you can save hundreds of pounds. Sign up for newsletters and be sure to check your spam box to make sure you don’t miss any discounts that could save you money.

Get all your shopping done early then enjoy December knowing you have all your presents sorted.

Xmas loans

If you do need to borrow this Christmas, have you also considered a 0% purchase card as this could also help you spread those costs without costing you a penny if repaid back before the 0% interest ends.

We hope that you find these tips helpful, and if you are still considering a Xmas loan for bad credit please look at the above options, and hopefully, you can find a solution to fund Christmas this year instead of taking out a Christmas loan.

If you are unemployed or on benefits looking for loans for Christmas, we strongly recommend you speak to a debt charity to see what your best options are. Taking a loan for Christmas could lead you to more financial difficulty.

If you would like to add any helpful tips to save money at Christmas, instead of getting a Christmas Loan, please get in touch and we’ll update our Christmas loan explained page.

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