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QuickQuid Alternative By My Quick loan

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As you might have seen in the news last year, Quickquid, one of the largest payday loan companies in the UK has gone into administration on the 25th October 2019. To keep update with the all Quickquid News you can see our news page.

Update 19/06/22: website is now down, if you need a loan similar to Quick Quid please feel free to try My Quick Loan.

So what does this mean for you?

Well if you used Quick quid as your main payday loan lender, Hopefully, My Quick Loan can offer an Quick Quid alternative for your quick loan.

We have also done a short FAQ guide to help you understand more but to see the full guide please click here.

How does My Quick Loan work?

Applying through My Quick Loan is slightly different than applying through a direct lender. With My Quick Loan, your application will be seen by around 40+ FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved lenders in the UK, by using software that automatically matches you to the best loan available to your circumstances. This is done by finding a lender that is willing to borrow to you, that also offers the lowest amount of interest.

We can help customers borrow up to from £100 to £5,000 for over 5 years.

We are an introducer and not a direct lender. We are Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through T DOT UK.

By using multiple lenders we can help you get a better rate and it also increases your chances of being accepted due to more lenders seeing your application. We are completely free to use, so using My Quick Loan might help you find the right lender that you have been looking for.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Quick quid loans.

Quickquid has gone into administration, do I still need to pay my loan back?

Yes, you will still need to pay back your loan. You can do so by logging into your account on their website.

Are there any companies similar to Quickquid?

Yes, My Quick Loan will be able to help you find the required short term loan you are looking for.

Why did Quick Quid go into Administration?

The main reason why CashEuroNet the owners of Quick Quid Loans went into administration was that they had a surge of payday loan compensation claims against them since the FCA tightened all the payday loan regulations.

Why is Quickquid closing?

Similar question to above, they are closing because they have gone into administration. So if you are still looking for a quick loan, hopefully, we can help.

What loans do My Quick loan offer?

We offer very UK quick loans ranging from £100 to £5,000 which can be paid back over a 1 month to 36 month period. We are not a direct lender, however, our services are completely free to use and we can find you an FCA approved payday loan lender in a matter of seconds.


FCA Registered

My Quick Loan is FCA registered, we are an introducer to T DOT who has an FCA license. If you are trying to find a payday loan we always recommend checking if the company is FCA registered, if it isn’t stay well clear as this could be a scam.

Struggling with payday loan debt

Unfortunately, payday loan debt is real and a lot of people suffer with it. If you are one, you are not alone!

There are plenty of debt charities that can help you with your Quickquid payday loan debt;

  1. – probably the leading debt charity when it comes payday loan debt.
  2. – another well know debt charity set up to help you
  3. – This charity can help you with your money if you are struggling.

There are also other Limited companies that can help with debt through IVA’s and DMP.

So if you have had a Quickquid loan and are struggling with debt hopefully one of the above can help you get your feet back on the ground.




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