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Shanie Capper is an experienced finance professional with an impressive portfolio that spans over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, with particular expertise in ensuring compliance with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. A freelancer for My Quick Loan, a prominent UK loan company, Shanie meticulously checks all finance content to ensure that it meets the stringent standards required in this highly regulated sector.

As a recognised authority in her field, Shanie's reputation is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and skills developed over years of working with some of the industry's largest and most reputable loan websites. Her vast experience, sharp analytical skills, and a keen eye for detail have proved invaluable in maintaining regulatory compliance for these sites and safeguarding the interests of customers and stakeholders alike.

Shanie began her journey in financial compliance at Churchwood, where she devoted three years to the role of Compliance Officer, studying the FCA handbook in-depth. Her unwavering commitment and natural aptitude for complex regulatory frameworks caught the attention of Quint Group, leading her to spend another successful three years further expanding her knowledge and expertise.

At Quint, Shanie's job was reviewing loan websites to see if they were compliant with the FCA regulations. Shanie is proud to say she audited over 30 loan websites. Some of which are still around today!

Subsequently, Shanie moved on to Ocean Finance, where she spent a year diligently monitoring compliance and contributing to the company's strong industry standing. Following that, she worked at Bridge Water Financial Group for three years, continuing to fortify her career in the realm of finance and compliance.

Shanie's journey also includes stints at The IVA Advisor and Money Plus, where she spent six months at each institution. These experiences served to further broaden her understanding of the financial industry and refine her skills in reviewing and ensuring adherence to FCA regulations.

Throughout her career, Shanie has consistently demonstrated an ability to ensure compliance with intricate financial guidelines. At My Quick Loan, she continues to uphold her commitment to thorough scrutiny of financial content, always ensuring the company remains in full compliance with FCA regulations. Her in-depth knowledge, coupled with her drive for excellence, makes her an indispensable part of the team, as well as a trusted voice in the world of finance.

Shanie's work on My Quick Loan

Shanie has checked the following pages to make sure they are compliant with the FCA regulations and ASA: Quick Loans UK our home page, Payday Loans UK pages, Instant Loans pages, QuickQuid Page, Christmas Loans Explained page, Borrow Money Pages, Blog Section, Quick Loans blog section.

Although Shanie is a freelancer and doesn't work directly with My Quick Loan, she will continue to carry out site audits and content checks to make sure all our content is up to date with FCA regulations.

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We finance check all our content to make sure it is compliant with the FCA. All content is checked by T DOT’s compliance team and our finance expert.

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