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UK Holiday Spending Report

Author: Harry Jones And Facted Checked by : Shanie Capper
Last updated on : 13 March 2024

Christmas is the time of year when spending can go off the charts! With 89% of Brits celebrating Christmas in some capacity, you can bet presents are on most people’s minds! 


But for many people, trying to budget can be tricky. Some people save all year round, take advantage of voucher schemes, or rely on quick loans to pay for Christmas. It’s not uncommon for people to search our site as the festive season approaches, looking for quick loans or loans for bad credit, desperate to find their family and friends the perfect gift regardless of their wage. 


With the average household spending £1,199.31 on Christmas and an expected spend across the whole of the UK of £69 billion, at My Quick Loan, we wanted to know how that spending equated to Christmas presents. We also wanted to know what the most generous cities were and who was spending the least of their money on presents. 


So we got to work analyzing consumer data. We looked at the amount spent on Christmas per capita, the amount spent in pounds, the average annual salary per region, the city population, and the monthly earnings of each city. This gave us the percentage of monthly wage being spent on Christmas, allowing us to see the most generous and least generous cities. 

The 10 Most Generous UK Cities At Christmas 

The results are in, and we have the 10 most generous cities! We have the percentages of how much monthly wage is spent on Christmas presents. 


  • Stoke – 66% of monthly wage 
  • Hereford – 60% of monthly wage 
  • Wells – 58% of monthly wage 
  • Perth – 57% of monthly wage 
  • Wrexham – 56% of monthly wage 
  • Stirling – 54% of monthly wage 
  • Chichester – 54% of monthly wage 
  • Inverness – 53% of monthly wage 
  • Canterbury – 52% of monthly wage 
  • Winchester – 51% of monthly wage 


These cities are spending over half of their monthly wage on Christmas presents, determined to give their family and friends an extra special Christmas! The top city, Stoke, has one of the lowest monthly incomes (£1774). By spending an average of £1164.41 per capita on Christmas, very little of their monthly wage is left! The generosity in this city will certainly leave them feeling the pinch. 


The 10 Least Generous Cities At Christmas 


And what about the least generous? We also have the ten cities that spent the least of their wage on Christmas. Let’s see which cities are tighter with their purse strings now! 


  • City of London – 22%
  • Derry – 32%
  • Belfast – 33%
  • Leeds – 34%
  • Cardiff – 34%
  • Manchester – 35%
  • Sheffield – 37%
  • Birmingham – 38% 
  • Bradford – 38%
  • Wakefield – 38% 


The above cities are spending roughly a third of their wage on Christmas and presents. That’s a lot less than some of the most generous cities we looked at. What is interesting to see is the City of London, which has the highest monthly earnings of £7861, was spending just 22% of their wage on Christmas presents. Proportionally, this doesn’t mean they aren’t spending a lot on Christmas, but rather they are saving more of their income for other expenses. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! Across the country, 10 cities that spend more than half of their monthly earnings on Christmas presents! While other cities spend less, it is clear that the UK spread Christmas cheer through their credit cards and are sure to continue to do so, with a projected spend of £69 billion! Will you be the lucky one with a pile of presents or the person behind the card having to pay for it all? 



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