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Overview of

Loans2go, a prominent player in the UK’s financial sector, caters to a variety of financial needs by offering an array of lending products. The offerings range from personal loans, unsecured loans, to quick loans. Their dedicated platform,, serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing their products and the steps involved in the application process.

Loan Offerings and Terms

Loan Value

Loans2go extends a financial hand to its customers by providing loans that vary from a modest £250 to a more substantial amount of £2,000.

Representative APR

However, with all quick loan direct lenders, borrowers should expect the usual high Representative APR, which is set at 770%. This figure is instrumental in determining the overall repayment amounts over the period of the loan.

Operational Model

Distinctively, Loans2go functions as a direct lender. In layman terms, they handle the entire loan process, right from receiving applications, processing them, to finally disbursing the approved loan amount.

Company Details and Regulatory Compliance

Behind “Loans 2 Go” is the officially registered entity, Loans 2 Go Limited. With its roots embedded in England and Wales, they proudly display their operational transparency with the company number 4519020. The company’s correspondence can be directed to their official address at Bridge Studios, 34a Deodar Road, London SW15 2NN.

Regulatory Adherence

Their operational integrity is further underscored by their accreditation and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), bearing the FRN 679836. This permits them to set up accounts as per the guidelines of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, which underwent amendments in 2006.

Data Protection Assurance

Keeping up with the digital age’s demand for data privacy, they are also registered under the ICO with the number Z720743X, ensuring their customer’s data remains protected and confidential.

Are Loans2Go legit?

If you are searching if Loans2Go are legit, you’ll find that they are FCA approved and a very respectable company with good reviews.

Contact Information

For a more direct approach, customers and prospects alike can reach out to Loans2go via their email,

My Quick Loan vs Loans2go

Both My Quick Loan and Loans2go have established themselves as reliable options for potential borrowers. However, while both offer quick lending solutions, they have distinctive features, operational models, and terms. Here’s a side-by-side comparison to provide a clearer picture.

Operational Models

Direct Lending vs Brokering

Loans2go Operates as a direct lender, meaning they oversee the entire loan application process. They receive applications, process them, and disburse approved funds directly to the applicant.

My Quick Loan we are a broker, connecting borrowers with potential lenders. This means whilst we don’t lend directly, we provide a platform to link borrowers with appropriate lending options based on their financial needs and credit profiles. We don’t charge any fees for our brokerage service.

Loan Offerings and Terms

Loan Amount

Loans2go Offers a range of loan amounts from £250 up to £2,000, catering to both minimal and substantial financial needs.

My Quick Loan Provides quick payday loans, with amounts ranging from a modest £100 to a larger sum of £5,000, allowing for flexibility based on varying financial requirements.

Representative APR

Loans2go: Comes with a representative APR of 770%. This is a significant consideration as it can substantially influence the total repayment amount.

My Quick Loan: 79% APR, which is lower, but it will vary because it connects borrowers with multiple lenders, each having their distinct interest rates and terms. Hence, the APR will depend on the chosen lender.

Loan Types

Loans2go: Primarily offers personal loans, unsecured loans, and quick loans.

My Quick Loan: Specialises predominantly in quick loans, assisting borrowers in getting funds swiftly.

Regulatory Adherence and Transparency

Loans2go: Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the FRN 679836 and is registered with the ICO.

My Quick Loan: As a broker, it ensures its partnered lenders adhere to UK’s regulatory standards, providing a level of trust and transparency to its users. We are an introducer Appointed Representative of T.UK and is entered on the financial services register under the reference number 688026 is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Services Register under reference number: 831013


While both My Quick Loan and Loans2go cater to the UK’s lending market, they offer different models of operation and loan terms. Potential borrowers should consider their personal requirements, loan amounts, repayment terms, and the flexibility they need before choosing the appropriate option.


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