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Fast Loans UK Review

Fast Loan UK Review

If you’re seeking financial assistance to address specific circumstances, it’s highly likely that you’ve considered a long list of traditional and alternative lenders. This is a wise move because getting detailed information about your chosen lender makes sense to strengthen your application and avoid complications. This post will shed more light on Fast Loans UK, a credible finance company that is always ready to provide all the help you require.

Fast Loans UK overview

Fast Loans UK is a finance business that has operated in the UK for many years. Fast Loans UK is the trading name of the JDB Enterprise Group registered in England and Wales and has the company number 07786732. Also, JDB Enterprise Group is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and is recorded on the Financial Services Register with reference number 673907. The Information Commissioners’ Office also registers the business with the registration number Z2974898. Their registered office is located at 2 Falcon Gate, Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1TW.

Fast Loans UK provides fast credit for their clients, as they ensure to send the money into your account as quickly as possible. However, this would be transacted after your application has been vetted and approved. Moreover, they try to ensure that the borrowing process is quick and less tedious, allowing you to access and utilise your new funds without waiting long. They also have a system that can help you out if you struggle to repay the loan.

Services offered by Fast Loans UK

Fast Loans UK provides their clients with the following services.

Short term loans
Instant loans
Cash loans
Affordable loans
Direct loans
Emergency loans
Low credit score loans
Online direct lenders
Payday loans online
Instalment loans
Small loans

Securing a loan with Fast Loans UK can be quick and hassle-free once you follow the appropriate steps. You have to complete an online application form specifying how much you need, how many days or weeks you wish to borrow, and how many repayments are most suitable. After a quick chat with a personal customer care manager and their necessary checks, you’ll be required to sign a digital loan agreement, after which your funds will be disbursed into your account in 15 minutes. However, you must be prepared to provide additional documents like bank statements, utility bills or wage slips if your lenders can’t get enough information to decide on your application.

They also don’t have hidden fees, as their charges are based on the interest on the days you’ve borrowed. Moreover, they don’t have late payment charges or processing fees, so keep this in mind. You can even save more if you repay your loan as early as possible, as they can remove the interest from your loan. With Fast Loans UK, you can apply for a maximum of £800 on your first loan. Also, you can quickly apply for the maximum amount of £2000 after paying up the smaller loans on time. However, they advise that you borrow what you need, as the maximum amount is a high-cost short-term loan and is not suitable for repeated use over a short period.

Regarding loan repayments, Fast Loans UK has flexible plans to help if you can’t repay your loan in due time. You only need to speak with your customer care manager before the repayment date, offering detailed information regarding your inability to pay in due time. They can freeze your interest and provide other cheaper repayment options if you experience unexpected financial difficulty. However, they advise that you don’t take a loan if you can’t pay on time, as this can incur extra recovery and default costs while negatively affecting your credit history.

It’s important to note that candidates must meet their credibility requirements before receiving a loan. You need to be above 18, in full or part-time employment and paid regularly for starters. You also need to provide your bank account and debit card details.

Fast Loans UK contact details

Below is the company’s information and contact details

Company number: 07786732
Registered company address: 2 Falcon Gate, Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1TW
Official site:
Opening hours: Customer Service Team available weekdays – 09:00 – to 17:00
Customer email:

Fast Loans UK reviews

The Fast Loans UK review rating is currently at 4.8 stars based on 129 reviews on the site. The positive ratings are due to their top-notch customer service, fewer problems when applying, and how quick clients received their funds. Below are some of the reviews on the above-listed site.

“My customer manager Joe was amazing. Very understanding, friendly and helpful…. Joe is an asset to your company. Many thanks.”

“Very easy to deal with and very efficient. They make it nice and easy to settle early as well.”

“Excellent customer service. Really happy customer.”


Based on the reviews, Fast Loans UK is a credible finance establishment to contact if you desire a loan in the shortest possible time. However, it’s important to understand the requirements to quickly boost your chances of getting your funds.



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