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118 118 Review

118 118 Loans Review

When you are looking for a quick loan, there are plenty of companies out there and a lot of options to consider. Generally, that is good news, as it gives you a considerable amount of freedom in trying to pick the right options. But if you are looking for a quick loan alternative, then one that you might want to consider is 118 118 Loans.

The main selling point offered by 118 118 Loans is that, rather than taking out a quick loan, you apply for their credit card. They are clearly positioning themselves in the right place for people who would normally be drawn to a payday or quick loan. But whereas those loans tend to have extortionate interest rates, 118 118 are offering an alternative credit card option with a lower APR.

So are they worth it, and how do they compare with other kinds of quick loans?

How Does 118 118 Work?

With 118 118, you have a number of options for borrowing. They do actually offer loans of the traditional variety, but instead of a quick loan option, they generally offer a credit card instead. This credit card has an APR of 34%, which is considerably lower than many quick loan providers, so you will already be paying back less on whatever you borrow via the card.

You can check your eligibility for the credit card without affecting your credit score, which is not always possible with other borrowing types. So in a sense, it is not going to have a negative effect on you simply to check whether you are eligible for this card. If you are eligible, you can apply for a credit card limit of up to £2,000, so it can be a useful way to afford some of those emergencies that you might be in need of arranging.

Other Features

You can also use this card for balance transfers, meaning that you can transfer over the balance of another credit card, thus effectively paying that off. This is a useful thing to do if that APR is higher than this one, which will often be the case. In this way, you might actually be able to pay off that debt faster than if you had stayed with the existing credit card company. This is one of the main ways that the 118 118 card gets used, and it is certainly worth thinking about.

Borrowing With Bad Credit

A lot of people who find themselves in a tricky situation might already have bad credit, and in that case you could find yourself wondering whether you are able to actually borrow money at all. As it happens, however, the 118 118 credit card is offered to all, even those who already have bad credit ratings. Of course, there is no such thing as guaranteed approval, but they do allow you to try the application process even if you have a poor credit history, so it is worth a go and it could help you to get out of the sticky situation you find yourself in.

Complete Transparency

As with other good lenders, 118 118 Loans are keen on complete transparency. That means that they will always be upfront with you about how much you will be repaying, whether there are any fees and how much they are, along with when you might need to pay them, and other related matters like this. That transparency helps you to figure out what you are likely to be looking at in the future, so it’s something that is really going to help you with making the right financial decisions in borrowing.

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As you can see, 118 118 Loans are offering a great alternative to a quick pay loan. If you have been thinking of getting such a loan, you might want to consider applying for this credit card instead. There are downsides, in that you won’t have the money in your bank account today as you would with a quick loan, but you will be paying less back overall, and you will be in a much safer financial position on the whole compared to many other types of borrowing. It is certainly something to consider if you are stuck in a tricky spot financially.

It is always important to calculate your repayments and to ensure that you are able to meet them before borrowing, and to only borrow the amount that you need to. Do that right, and this could be a good solution.


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