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Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to
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Our use of ‘payday loans’ is for informational purposes only; we exclusively offer short-term loans.
Instant’ refers to our loan decision process, not fund payout; expect same-day payout subject to processing times.

Weekend payday loans UK

Weekend payday loans in the UK are short-term loans that can help bridge the gap between paydays.

These loans are specifically designed for individuals who require quick cash on the weekends when banks and other financial institutions are closed.

We can provide weekend payday loans which can be accessed quickly and easily with minimal documentation. Weekend payday loans are usually unsecured, which means you don’t have to provide collateral. Please note, they often come with high-interest rates and fees, which can make them expensive if not repaid on time

Here at My Quick Loan, we offer weekend payday loans starting from £100.



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Quick Weekend loans

Weekend loans are a type of quick UK loans that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of individuals who require quick cash on the weekends.

We provide weekend loans that operate 24/7, allowing our customers to apply for and receive funds at any time, including on weekends. Weekend loans can come in many forms, including payday loans, installment loans, and personal loans. Here at My Quick Loan we only offer weekend payday loans.

Weekend loans can be a convenient solution for emergency cash needs, but they should be used responsibly.

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3 things to consider when applying for a Sunday loans UK direct lender

When applying for a Sunday loan from a UK direct lender, there are 3 things to consider:

  1. Interest Rates and Fees: Look for a lender that offers competitive interest rates and transparent fee structures. Some lenders may charge additional fees, such as origination or late payment fees, so it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before applying. Please note when applying through My Quick Loan we do not charge any fee and our service is 100% free
  2. Repayment Terms: Consider the repayment terms offered by the lender. Some lenders may offer flexible repayment schedules, while others may require repayment in full on the next payday. Make sure you understand the repayment schedule and can comfortably make the required payments.
  3. Lender Reputation: Before applying for a loan, research the lender’s reputation. Look for reviews and feedback from other borrowers to gauge their experience with the lender. You want to work with a reputable lender who is transparent about their lending practices and has a history of treating their customers fairly. When you apply for a Sunday Loan UK through My Quick Loan, all the lenders we work with our FCA approved but it is still worth doing your homework on which lender you get matched with to see their background.

Saturday payday loans

We offer Saturday payday loans and here is what you need to be eligible:

  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Saturday payday loan with My Quick Loan.
  2. Income: You must have a regular income source, such as a job or government benefits, to show that you can repay the loan.
  3. Residency: You must be a UK resident with a valid UK address and bank account.
  4. Credit history: You need to have some credit history whether it be good or bad.

It is important to note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee approval for a Saturday loan. Some of our lenders may consider other factors when making their lending decision, such as your credit score, employment status, and financial history.

FAQs on weekend payday loans

Here are some of the most common FAQs on weekend payday loans:

Can I get a loan at the weekend paid out today?

Yes with My Quick Loan, you can get a loan at the weekend. We offer loans for today which are paid out on the same day.

Can I borrow money on a Sunday?

Yes, you’ll be able to apply through My Quick Loan on a Sunday and get paid the same day. All systems are online now and don’t require an underwriter.

Can I apply for a weekend loan with bad credit?

Yes, you can apply as we work with a large panel of FCA-approved lenders, some of which specialise I bad credit. However, please be aware that the rates may be higher due to you being a bigger risk. For more information on bad credit loans, you can click here.

We hope that we have helped answer all your questions and that now you can make the right decision when it comes to your weekend payday loan. Click apply now if you would like to proceed with My Quick Loan.

Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to