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Quick Loans for bad credit

Need a quick loan but got a bad credit score?

Contrary to common belief, getting a bad credit loan is possible!

When money problems crop up, and your paycheck doesn’t stretch all the way to your next payday, having bad credit scores feels like it can hold you back. High street banks often exclude people with a bad credit history or a poor credit rating, meaning urgent cash can seem out of reach.

But all is not lost! Some of our direct lender loans can help you on your way when an emergency crops up, no matter whether you’ve got bad credit. These are loans specifically available to those with a bad credit history, giving access to fast cash to tide you over till payday.

See if you can borrow money by accessing a bad credit loan today.

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Can I Get a Loan Without a Credit Check?

A bad credit loan does not mean that there will not be any credit checks at all.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous loan companies advertise a ‘fast payday loan with no credit check!’, but this is not the reality. To comply with British law and be responsible lenders, all our direct lenders must perform a credit check when you submit your loan application. This involves contacting the main credit reference agencies and reviewing your credit history.

But remember that lenders do not look at just your credit score. They also look at your income and outgoings, plus how you use and manage tools like your UK bank account. This might mean that even with a bad credit rating, you are still eligible to borrow money from a direct lender.

Why Instant No-Credit-Check Payday Loans Don’t Exist

All UK lenders have a responsibility to ensure that when someone takes out bad credit instant loans from them, the borrower can afford to repay the amount they are borrowing.

To do this, lenders need to assess your income and outgoings and have a responsibility to also look at your credit report. Your credit report shows any previous loan you have taken out, along with any payments you made, including any missed or late payments. This information will help to show the lender your likelihood of repaying a loan on time.

Imagine a world where no credit check payday loan for bad credit existed. This would be very difficult for people to manage the debt they received, and many mainstream lenders would go out of business if they experienced too many missed payments. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that our lending partners must perform credit checks when providing loans.

However, this doesn’t mean a short-term loan is out of reach if you have a low credit score. A direct lender may still offer you a bad credit loan even after reviewing your credit file. Plus, a loan application with My Quick Loan doesn’t impact your credit score, so you can see how much you could borrow now.

Concerned Over Bad Credit?

If you have a bad credit score, it can be daunting to manage your financial situation. When an emergency pops up, and you need money fast, a low credit score can feel like another hurdle to overcome.

Let’s face it; sometimes life doesn’t go as planned! From a burst pipe to a broken down boiler, fast emergency car repairs or even some school shoes for the new term, quick cash via payday lending can help you make ends meet. When you need an extra helping hand to get to the next payday, loans for bad credit might be a good choice for you.

If this is your situation, My Quick Loan or Quick Quid still might be able to help you find a bad credit loan, as T.UK works with a large panel of lenders who specialise in bad credit. However, you will need to be able to prove that you can afford to make the repayments back to the lender on time. It is important to remember that bad credit payday loans are not always the answer and should be used in emergencies only, following serious thought about whether you can make the loan repayments.

Get a Fast Loan With Bad Credit

At some point in life, many of us have found ourselves in financial difficulties. Perhaps that means that we struggled to make repayments on existing loans. Maybe your poor credit scores are haunted by that high-interest-rate credit card you got when you were younger. Perhaps you even found yourself in a position where you defaulted on your accounts. We understand. When times are tough, it can be difficult to manage borrowing money on our personal loans, so low credit scores can add up.

Unfortunately, as default notices or late and missed payments stay on your credit report for six years, many people have suffered from bad credit for a long time.

Conversely, we all know the challenge of getting approved for personal loans by high street banks! If you have no credit history, banks treat you the same as having bad credit! Often, traditional lenders expect their customers to have a bank account with a credit history, but how can you get a loan approved if you can’t get a credit rating?

In this case, a quickquid payday loan can help you get your credit history established. A bad credit loan application can help you improve your credit history by demonstrating you can make your monthly repayments.

One of the things that our customers love about us is our ability to help you find a loan, whatever your score!

Start the application process now to see how much you could borrow, even with a bad credit history.

Will a bad credit loan affect my credit rating?

A personal loan has a similar impact on your credit score as other types of credit. By making timely payments, you can use short-term loans to improve your credit rating by showing you can manage the loan repayments.

On the other hand, a late repayment or a missed payment can cause more damage to your credit scoring. All our customers must bear this in mind when they consider their credit options. Bad credit lending is not always the answer, and customers must think carefully about whether they can make the repayments.

Bad Credit Loans FAQs

What is a bad credit payday loan?

Instant payday loans is a loan that is accessible to people with a poor credit history in the UK.
Whilst you may not be able to go into your bank and get the money you need from a traditional means of borrowing, that doesn’t mean poor credit has to hold you back. There are a lot of online direct lenders that specialise in payday loans for poor credit.

Do bad credit payday loans cost more?

A poor credit score shouldn’t mean you are charged more interest than someone with a higher score, but unfortunately, this sometimes happens.

Lenders base the amount of interest they charge you on a risk basis. As a result, a bad credit history often suggests that you are a higher-risk customer, meaning that a direct lender may charge you a higher interest rate.

At My Quick Loan, we try our hardest to find the best available rates by searching T.UK’s large panel of lenders until we find you a match. Their panel of lenders is ordered with the lowest interest rate at the top, meaning you’re guaranteed the best rate we can find. That’s why our customers love us!

Why not see how our interest rates compare above?

How can I get a bad credit loan to cover an unexpected bill?

If you have bad credit and need a loan to cover an unexpected bill, you may have limited options. However, some lenders we partner with here at My Quick Loan specialise in providing loans to individuals with poor credit to help you cover that unexpected bill.

Firstly, complete the online application form to see how much money you could lend. Then, you can apply directly with a lender who offers loans for bad credit. You could even have the money in your bank account the same day.

Remember, it’s important to compare different lenders’ interest rates and terms to find the best deal for you. It’s crucial you only borrow what you need to cover your bill and make on-time payments to improve your credit history.

Is it possible to get quick loans for bad credit?

Yes, it is possible to get quick UK loans for bad credit with My Quick Loan.
We work with some lenders specialising in providing same-day loans to individuals with poor credit.

If you are considering a quick loan for bad credit, it’s important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan, including the interest rate, repayment period, and any fees. You should also make sure that you can afford the loan payments and that the loan will not cause further financial hardship.

What happens if I can’t keep up with loan repayments?

If you can’t keep up with loan repayments, it can seriously affect your credit score and overall financial health.

Missed payments and late payments are recorded on your credit file and can impact your eligibility for future loans. It’s important to ensure you keep up to date with loan repayments. If you find you cannot make a repayment, you should contact your loan provider immediately. As responsible lenders, they will have a system to support you and help you repay the loan to avoid further financial problems.

Does a quick loan affect a person’s credit score?

Yes, a quick loan can affect a person’s credit score.

Firstly, you must complete the My Quick Loan application process. This is a ‘soft check’ which does not impact your credit rating. This soft check gives you an idea of how much money you may borrow through a personal loan. Following this, you must apply for the loan with our lender directly.

When you apply for a loan in this way, the lender typically performs a credit check to evaluate your creditworthiness. This credit check is called a “hard check” and can harm your credit score. However, the impact is usually small and temporary.

Once you receive the loan, your credit score can be positively or negatively affected depending on how you manage the loan. Making your payments on time and in full can help build your credit history and improve your credit score. On the other hand, if you miss payments or default on the loan, it can damage your credit score.

Applying for a quick loan bad credit

^Once approved, your cash could be sent the same day. The time that it takes for the cash to be received in your account will depend on your bank’s policies and procedures. We recommend that quick loans with bad credit should be taken out for emergency use only.

Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to