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Quick Loans for bad credit

What is a quick loan bad credit and do they actually exist? Some people are under the belief that you can apply for a quick payday loan bad credit with no credit check, but unfortunately, we regret to say that those people are misinformed. This is at no fault of their own, as some credit companies do claim that you can apply for a fast payday loan no credit checks to try and fool people who are worried about their credit rating to apply with them.

Whilst some people with poorer credit think that applying for a no credit check payday loan is a good idea, they simply do not understand the implications that would be caused if no credit check payday loans existed.

Why instant no credit check payday loans don’t exist

All UK lenders have a responsibility to ensure that when someone takes out a loan, they can afford to re-pay the amount they are borrowing. To do this they need to assess your income and outgoings and will also look at your credit report. Your credit report is viewed because any loan that you take out is registered on your report, along with any payments that you have made including any missed or late payments which help to show the lender your likelihood of repaying a loan and on time.

Imagine a world where no credit check payday loan for bad credit existed and the debt that this could cause people to get into.

Concerned over bad credit?

If you have been searching ‘payday loans no credit check’ and you are worried about your credit rating, My Quick Loan or Omacl still might be able to help you find a loan, as T.UK work with a large panel of lenders who specialise in bad credit. You will need to be able to prove that you can afford to make the repayments back to the lender and on time. Yes, the lender will also perform a credit search but it doesn’t matter if you have missed payments in the past, the only thing the lender wants to see is that by providing you with a loan, that they are not making you go into financial hardship.

Fast loans bad credit

A popular question these days is ‘can I get a loan with bad credit. At some point in life, many of us have found ourselves in financial difficulties, meaning that we have struggled to make repayments on existing loans and in some cases even defaulting on our accounts.

Unfortunately, as default notices or late and missed payments stay on your credit report for 6 years, this has meant that a lot of people have found themselves suffering from bad credit for a long period of time.

Or perhaps you have little or no credit history which means that you have also found yourself in the category of people with a “poor credit score”. One of the things that our customers love about us, is our ability to help you find a loan whatever your score.

What is a bad credit loan?

Whilst you may not be able to go in to your bank and get the money you need from a traditional means of borrowing, that doesn’t mean poor credit has to hold you back. There are a lot of lenders which you will find online that specialise in payday loans for poor credit.

A poor credit payday loan bad doesn’t actually mean a poor credit payday loan. It is simply a lender that will base their lending decision on your ability to repay the loan by assessing your income and expenditure instead of just looking at what a credit score says about you.

Having limited or no credit history can also lead you having a poor credit score as the lenders are unable to assess how you’ve handled repaying previous credit accounts, meaning that you may have found yourself online searching for payday loans for poor credit. If you have been searching for payday loans poor credit, why not check out our blogs page where we have provided some useful tips on how to increase and maintain a better credit score.

Does a fast bad credit loan cost more?

A poor credit score shouldn’t mean that you are charged more interest than someone with a higher score, but unfortunately, this is the truth. Lenders will base the amount of interest that they charge you on a risk basis. That being said, gone are the days when lenders were able to provide payday loans poor credit charging extortionate amounts of interest where customers were paying back just in interest alone more than they originally borrowed. It is also worth noting that if you do have bad credit and take out a loan, as long as you make your repayments in full and on time, then this can actually help increase your credit score over time.

We try our hardest in finding you the best available rates available to you by searching T.UK’s large panel of lenders until we find you a match. Their panel of lenders is ordered with the lowest rate at the top, meaning you’re guaranteed the best rate that we can find you, that’s why our customers love us.

Why not see how our interest rates compare above.

Quick loan for bad credit

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