What are quick and easy loans UK?

A quick and easy loans are similar to a payday loan today. these loans are paid out the same day and have a straightforward application done 100% online.

Here at My Quick Loan, we offer quick and easy loans. Our quick loan UK are paid out the very same day and we have a very simple application form making your life easier when you need to get some cash quickly.


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Searching for quick easy loans? We carried out a survey and found that our customers want two things when they are searching for a loan, and that is for the process to be quick and easy.

That is exactly what we have done at My Quick Loan:

  • Our quick loans UK are usually paid out on the same day, in most cases the loan is paid out within 1 hour.
  • Our application form is 100% online – so no need for embarrassing phone calls or signing any forms. It is all done online via an easy application form.
  • If you have applied for a loan before you will be fast-tracked to our easier application form which only asks 3 questions.
  • Instant easy approval – it takes less than 60 seconds for us to find you a lender if you get approved.

This guide will answer all your questions regarding your easy loan UK.

FAQs on Quick and Easy loans

Quick and Easy loans by My Quick Loan

In this section, we have searched the internet and listened to our customers to find all the frequently asked questions you might have regarding your easy loan UK. Please see below all questions and answers and if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact us page.

Which payday loans are easy to get?

Please note: Payday loans are now short term loans.

Here at My Quick loan, we offer easy payday loans that are easy to apply for. However, if you want an easy payday loan to get accepted that can be a different matter. This all depends on your credit score and if you already have a number of loans outstanding. We recommend you use our soft search application form to see if you are eligible for an easy payday loan.

What is the easiest loan to get approved for?

The easiest loans to get approved for our usually short-term loans or payday loans. The reason being these are loans for small amounts, usually, under £2,000.

Once you start applying for larger loans like personal loans. More checks will be taken, and usually, an underwriter will make the final decision.

What is the easiest place to get a loan from?

Similar to the question above, the easiest place to get a loan from would be a quick loan company like My Quick Loan. We work with a large panel of lenders which increases your chances of getting approved. However, your credit score will always determine whether you get accepted.

Which banks are easy to get loans from?

If you are looking to get a loan from the bank, you will be looking for a large amount and will be looking for a personal loan. Most banks don’t offer easy short-term loans which are loans under £2,000 and have high-interest rates.

Once again, your credit score will determine if you can get a loan from a bank. Our recommendation would be to use a personal loan comparison website. However, if you are looking for a loan under £2,000 maybe an easy short-term loan might be your best solution.

Do you do quick and easy loans with no credit check?

Unfortunately, no company can do quick and easy loans with no credit checks. A credit check takes place to see if you have any outstanding loans and if you have been reliable in paying the repayments. All lenders must carry out a credit check by UK law.

The best solution is to use a lender or a broker like us who uses soft search application forms. This works by only carrying out a soft search on your credit file, if accepted in principle, you will be redirected to the lender who will carry out a hard search on your file. This can be better because if you aren’t accepted you won’t have a hard search on your credit score which can lower your credit score.

Do you do easy loans for bad credit?

Yes, we work with a large panel of lenders who specialise in easy loans for bad credit. We can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted. However, working with a large panel of lenders does increase your chances of getting approved.

Is My Quick Loan An Easy Loan Direct Lender?

No, My Quick Loan is a broker, not a lender. If you are searching for an easy loan direct lender, we can help you find one at no cost at all. All our services are free and we work with a large panel of easy same day loans direct lenders.

Easy accepted loans

As mentioned above we can’t say if you’ll get an easy accepted loan, however, applying through MQL does increase your chances. To be eligible for an easy loan make sure you are:

  • Over the age of 18 – you must be 18+ to apply for a quick and easy loan
  • Living in the UK – you must be a UK resident to apply for an easy payday loan in the UK
  • Have a source of income – most lenders will need to see a source of income to prove you’ll be able to pay the loan back.
  • Have a bank account – the easy loan direct lender will need to pay your loan into a bank account.
  • Mobile and email address – you’ll need a mobile and email address so the lender can contact you.

If you have all the above you improve your chances of getting an easy accepted loan.

FCA Approved

We are an introducer to T DOT who are regulated and authorised by the FCA. When looking to apply for a UK easy loan you must always check the company is on the FCA register. This can protect you from any scams. Remember, My Quick Loan will never ask for money upfront. If you receive any email or calls from any UK loan company asking for money upfront for an instant money loan, refuse and report it.

Conclusion for Quick Easy loans UK

Hopefully, we have covered everything you need to know regarding quick and easy loans in the UK. Easy loans must only be taken out as a last resort. If you find yourself relying on these types of loans to get by from paycheque to paycheque we recommend you speak to a debt charity that might be able to help. Some debt charities that could help are StepChange or National Debt Line.

Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.