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September 6, 2020

Top 10 Most expensive hotels in the world

Hotel environments have a way of bringing out the best versions of people. It is a place where you relax and let someone else worry about how clean your patio looks or what your next meal will be. All you have to do is order for room service or walk down at the restaurant and spoil yourself to a limitless selection of continental or English breakfast buffet. Alternatively, candlelit dinner of pan-seared Red snapper, with creamed spinach and nutmeg flavoured mashed potatoes or steamed basmati rice.

If you are a typical penny-pincher, then the extravagantly pricy hotels listed below are not for you.

  1. Lover’s Deep Luxury submarine

For not more than 115 sterling pounds, you can spend a night at the most luxurious hotel in the universe. A digital short term loan request to boost your finances is keeping you away from this magnificent marine dream.

  1. Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite

Just like the name suggests, this world-class hotel oozes royalty from a distance. Spend one night at this Royal Penthouse Suite, and you will wake up feeling like you run the world.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Ty Warner

The hundreds of pounds you will part with for just a night at this hotel will boggle your mind.

However, the sensational experience is worth all the money spent. You might need more than an instant payday loans today stay here.

  1. Raj Palace Hotel

Being a low-income earner does not disqualify you from being an iconic storyteller of Raj Palace Hotel. Hassle-free short term loans e.g., payday loans, will help you pay for a direct first-class flight to Jaipur, India.

  1. Laucala Island Resort

What better way to spend your much-anticipated vacation than by the beach? Soak up under the coastal sunshine and feel the grainy sand below your feet at the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji.

  1. Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa

Luxury is not luxurious if your comfort is not met. In Athens, Greece, elegance meets luxury at the Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa. A quick loan will help you secure a distinguished title at the villa. Night parties on the yacht and helicopter lifts will be your new lifestyle.

  1. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel

This particular hotel is a true cumulative definition of perfection versus luxury. Having been in existence for almost a century now, it has artistic wall hangings and polished floors, not to mention bay watch viewpoints.

  1. Palms Casino Resort, Nevada

Las Vegas city is known to be the city of those who dare to live and live lavishly. Flash that money at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Do you badly want to engage in the game of poker but running low on cash? A quick short term loan will sort you out.

  1. Hotel Plaza, Athenee

Whichever season of the year, the time spent in the magnificent city of Paris, is a good time. However, a night at the extravagant Hotel Plaza Athenee is an unforgettable memory!

  1. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Dubai is famous for its booming hotel industry, and its hotels are highly sorted after. The 7-star rated hotel, Burj Al Arab, is highly recommended for well-off folks around the globe.

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