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May 3, 2020

Payday Loans in Texas


Just like any other state in the U.S, Texas allows its residents to benefit from quick payday loans. Several surveys conducted in recent years have revealed that most Texans rely on short-term loans whenever they are in a difficult financial state. Texas is one of the highly populated states in the U.S. Its economy is barely able to assure employment for all the residents. This has given rise to poverty and financial strains among the Texans.

Texans use payday loans not only in emergency cases but also in catering for their basic needs. This includes; buying food, clothing, and also paying house bills.

Facts and Statistics for Payday loans in Texas

  • Over 6% of the Texan adult residents have at least used a payday loan.
  • Nearly half of these consumers are full time employed. 28% are either part-time employed or unemployed.
  • Those with low monthly income tend to borrow regularly than those with higher ones.
  • Most of the consumers live in rented houses.
  • The average amount borrowed ranges at $390 as calculated per borrower.
  • Single women borrow frequently as compared to men and married women.
  • There are over 2600 moneylender stores in the state of Texas

Payday Loan Regulations in Texas

In Texas, payday loans are controlled by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. They are administered by the Texas Fin Code, which applies to all loan givers. The state’s constitution protects its residents from exploitation by restricting lenders from charging more than 10% interest unless in cases where the legislature orders a higher percentage.

The rules that govern payday loan Companies in Texas include;

  1. The loan terms go hand in hand with the amount to be borrowed.
  2. Rollovers are not tolerable in Texas.
  3. The charges for account management should not exceed 4% of the amount borrowed.
  4. Lenders are to evaluate borrower’s capability to pay before giving a loan.

However, the laws governing the operations of payday loan lenders have not been reinforced in Texas. This has increased the cost of payday loans to residents of Texas as compared to the cost in other states in America.

Top 10Payday Loans Websites in Texas

  • Lend up

This is an effective and efficient solution to your short- term monetary needs. Its application process is quick and easy, which takes about five minutes only.

  • Ace Cash Express

This is another reliable payday loan giving company. Their website shows that over 40 million consumers havebenefited from their services.

  • Cash Central

Cash Central is another excellent company. The latest customer reviews on their website reveal that their services are fast and professional.

  • CashNetUSA

This is still another licensed company that takes customer’s satisfaction very seriously. Thousands have benefited from their funding services.

  • Check n Go

This is doubtlessly one of the oldest payday lenders in Texas that have been thriving every year. The loan application process on their website is simple. Their longest payday loan term is 40 days.

  • Money Key

This is a five-star money lending company in Texas. They offer short- term loans of up to $ 1000. They serve over 200, 000 customers in every year.

  • Net Pay Advance

The most fascinating thing about this company is that it is less strict on the credit check. They understand that most customers are looking for fast and secure funds without the pressure of a loan check. They only require you to be a responsible borrower to avoid additional charges.

  • com

This company does not mind about your credit history. You can apply for a payday loan on their website regardless of your poor credit. Their customers enjoy short- term loans of up to $ 1000.

  • Opploans

Opploans offer online short- term loans at relatively lower rates. They are licensed lenders whose main priority is to satisfy their customers’ financial needs.

  • MyPaydayLoan

This company can fund you in less than 24 hours after application. However, one can be denied a loan if they have defaulted on a payday loan in the previous year.


Payday Loans in Texas Compared

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