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May 3, 2020

Payday Loans in Nevada


Payday loans play a significant role in helping people solve their short – term financial needs. Mostly, this happens when there is a delay in salary payments. In Nevada, this is one of the fast ways you can get money into your account each time you are in a tough financial situation. Continue reading to find more about payday loans in Nevada.

Facts and Statistics For Nevada Loans

  • As revealed by the subprime report, a good number of residents in Nevada are struggling financially.
  • Around 10% of the Nevadans rely on short- term loans to survive.
  • Most residents of Nevada find payday loans very convenient to raise quick cash.
  • Although these loans come with high charges, many residents in Nevada are forced to use them especially when they face payment delays.
  • Published research has shown that payday loan lending in Nevada has become a lucrative mine. This means that the loans are options for many workers and residents in the state. A state lawmaker in Nevada once said that payday loan lenders were charging very high rates leaving the borrowers in huge debts.

Thus, Nevada has set some rules and laws to be followed by payday loan lenders to ensure that the citizens are not being exploited.

Regulations in Nevada

Payday loans are ideally legal in Nevada. They are controlled by Nevada Stat. 604A.010 et seq. 2017 Chapter 274.  In the state, payday lenders usually must have a license for such operations, and various rules have to be observed;

  • The interest rate of payday loans shall not surpass 25% of the gross monthly salary of the consumer.
  • The maximum period for a quick loan is 35 days.
  • After the original term is over, one should not extend the loan for more than 60 days before paying the loan. Otherwise, it becomes an instalment loan.
  • There is no specified limit for the minimum loan amount or minimum loan term.
  • The number of rollovers is also not stated.

Top 10 Payday Loans Websites in Nevada

Due to the increase in demand for payday loans, many lending companies have emerged in Nevada. Their services can be accessed in the following websites;

My payday Loan

This is a prominent payday loan company in Nevada that has thrived for years. They can fund you hugely depending on your monthly earnings. No bank statements required.

Rapid Cash

This is a five-star lending company that will help you cover unexpected bills. If you need to speak to their staff, you can call them on regular hours on any day except Sundays.

Lend a Check

This is a family-owned lending company that offers affordable payday loans. The site is loved by many as seen from customer reviews. They have excellent customer services.

Lend You

This site will help you get instant cash anytime you need it. Any consumer in Nevada can apply for payday in this company as long as they qualify.

Advance America

With this website, you can get the money you need easily and fast. All you have to do is to select your city on the website and enjoy quick and reliable Advance America’s payday loans.


This lending company is widely known across the United States. They can always give you an advance if you earn a gross income of $1,500 per month. However, they require you to have a bank account.

BlueTrustLoans. Com

This company currently offers online payday loans. They can give a minimum of $100 to any Nevadan who qualifies for a payday loan.


This is arguably the largest lending company offering payday online personal loans. It is well known for its generous rates and easy application process.

Check City

This company has operated since 1989. It has offices all over the state of Nevada. Consumers enjoy low-interest rates offered by this company.


This is a direct payday loan lending company, which offers up to 500 dollars to consumers in Nevada.

If you are out there stuck in a situation, don’t hesitate to try a loan from any of the above websites.


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