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May 3, 2020

Payday Loans in Holland

Instant Payday loans in Holland will come in handy to save your day whenever you are facing financial emergencies, and you are out of cash. The loans are very popular, with over one million Dutch people admitting to having taken a payday loan in the past year.

The tight credit market and the declining economy due to the current COVID19 crisis is expected to push even a higher section of the population to use payday loans to fund their day to day lives. Most borrowers use the loans for basic expenses such as buying food, fixing a car, medical expenses and paying other monthly bills. Many of these view the loans as their only choice at finding a quick solution to a pressing financial problem.

Are Payday Loans Legal In Holland/ Netherlands?

Payday loans are legal but tightly regulated in Holland. Typically, the loans are offered by several fintech companies in the country. Depending on the resident state and your financial needs, you can get as little as $30 or as much $2500.  Regulations governing payday loans differ from state to state. However, all states have different regulations seeking to curb financial crimes such as money laundering and exploitation through insane interest rates.

In Holland, you can apply for a quick loan using either online platform such as financial apps which you can download to your phone or through traditional storefront lenders. The loans offer many a convenient solution for budget management. This explains why their popularity continues to rise. And it doesn’t take long for you to get funds in your account. Typically, these loans come with a quick and convenient application process, fast approval, online application, and transparent applications.

What Are The Requirements You Should Meet Before Getting The Loan?

The following are some of the demands that you should meet for you to be granted payday loan in Holland, Netherlands:

Proof of Income

You need to show proof of secure income for you to be given the short term loan. However, some payday loan providers accept requests from customers who are doing seasonal work and those working on call. However, you may be required to show some proof of income and contract of employment. From there, the lender will decide whether your income is steady enough to sustain timely repayments or not.

Employment history

It may be a challenge to get a payday loan if you just arrived in the country, and you are in your first month of employment. Most of these loans are granted only if you have a history of employment. You should show proof that you have been working in the country for at least three months.

Checking account

You should also have a Dutch bank account where your monthly payment is channelled. In most cases, if you have a foreign account, Dutch lenders ask that you transfer it to their own provided accounts. They can also channel the loan to other Dutch bank accounts. But you can still transfer the funds to a foreign account of your preferences once the money hits your Dutch bank account.

Residence permit

You should show proof that you are a bona fide resident of the country. If you are a foreigner, then you need a residence permit for your to get the loan.

What Is The Repayment Period Of Payday Loans In Holland?

Once the money has been deposited directly into your account, you are expected to repay in full with interest and other charges during the next payday. However, recent trends in the industry point to more extended repayment periods granted to some customers. Some lenders may allow you to repay for extended periods of up to three months. Nevertheless, you should note that the longer the period, the higher the cost of the loan.

What Are The Regulations Of A Payday Loan In Holland?

The following are some of the prohibited activities as spelt out in the Consumer Protection and Business Practice Act:

A payday lender is prohibited from doing one or all of the following activities:

  • Issuing a new payday loan if you already has another payday loan issued by the same lender
  • Discount the principal of the payday loan
  • A lender cannot also grant a rollover loan
  • a lender cannot also ask you to repay the payday loan before you receive your pay or other income fowling the date of the payday loan
  • Issue a payday loan above 50% of your net pay or another income you will receive during the payday loan term
  • Accept your personal property or real estate property as security for the loan
  • Ask you to insure a loan
  • State or imply that the payday loan will improve your credit score
  • Accept updated check from you
  • Make unauthorized withdraws from your bank ostensibly to repay the loan
  • A lender is also prohibited from making a personal call for the purpose of collecting a debt except between 8 am and 9 pm local tie.
  • A lender should contact or attempt to contact any member of your family, a relative, an employer, neighbour, or friend. Such an action will be taken as a form of harassment.
  • A lender is also prohibited from using profane, intimidating, threatening, or coercive language.


What are the advantages of payday loans that make them popular in Holland/Netherlands?

Payday loans offer you a wide range of convenient credit services that help you with any budget problem that you could be facing. The following are the advantages of payday loans.

  • You get a loan even when you have a bad credit history. Most lenders approve a request from applicants that don’t have a perfect score.
  • Fast application process- typically, the loans take less than 10 minutes to be processed and for the money to get to your account.


What are the top 10 biggest payday loan websites in Holland?

The following are some of the biggest payday loan websites in Holland:

  • SpeedyLoan
  • Pax-et bonum
  • Reddit
  • Frisia financieringen
  • Maybeloan
  • Hot-holland
  • Rishipac
  • Quickfunding office
  • Ronisiaux-finance
  • TurboPaydayLoans


If you are currently short on cash and facing a financial crisis, consider getting a payday loan, which you will repay at the end of the month.  The loan is very popular with the salaried people in Holland/ Netherlands. The payday loan feature several benefits, including ease of application, fast processing, and minimal qualifications requirements.



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