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August 12, 2020

How to Find Cheap Flights

For various reasons, most people will have to take a flight at some point in their lives. It could be for a honeymoon, vacation, education or even related to your work. Flight charges consume a considerable percentage of your travel budget and could leave you in a tight spot. An unprecedented flight can send even the most financially astute individuals shopping for quick loans.

Finding cheap flights is not a walk in the park, but it need not be an uphill task with some preparation. This list will help you get the cheapest flights and cut down your travel budget, leaving you with more money at your disposal. Here are a few ways to find pocket-friendly flights:

Liaise With a Reputable Travel Agent

Travel agents play an invaluable role in the travel industry due to their years of operational experience and connections. A good travel agent can greatly influence your trip, from connecting you to the cheapest air tickets to custom-tailored travel plans that include airport transfers, accommodation and car rental plans, per your budget. Most travel agencies keep their regular clients updated on cheap flights and airline offers.

Have Flexible Travel Dates

Flight fares vary greatly depending on the time, day and month of travel and are highest during holiday seasons, school breaks, weekends and prime hours of the day. If you book a flight when everyone is travelling, you will pay more as airlines are looking to maximize their profits. Similarly, it is harder to find cheap weekend tickets than weekday ones. Early morning and late-night flight rates are often less expensive than regular time tickets.

Consider Budget Airlines

The flight industry has experienced growth in recent years. One pointer to the boom is the proliferation of budget airlines in major routes that were the preserve of bigger, expensive carriers. However, budget airlines have fewer perks than big airlines; for example, you may have to compromise on comfort levels and pay for checked-in bags and in-flight meals. All the same, what budget airlines lack in aesthetics are compensated in cheaper fares, allowing you to save money.

Signing up for Airline Reward Cards

Airline reward cards will earn you redeemable points every time you use specific airlines’ services, as long as you spend the required minimum amount to obtain the points. Some cards will earn you over 50,000 points once you spend a few thousand pounds over a specified period, translating to the equivalent of a domestic flight of your choice when redeemed, without spending a cent.

Keep an Eye on Airline Fare Errors

Airlines sometimes post erroneous figures for airfares, resulting from erratic exchange rates, human error or technical hitches. A few websites have mastered the art of looking out for erratic airfares to save you a good amount of money. In the U.K, Jack’s Flight Club is a website with a keen eye for cheap flights and relays the information to its subscribers for a small fee.

With these tips, you are assured of the best airfares and super travel deals to keep you away from ridiculous interest rates in repaying payday loans acquired to cater for emergency travel fares.


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