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August 16, 2017
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9 Things To Do When You Are Desperate For Money

Ever since its inception, money has predominantly been mankind’s most prized possession. Our most innate needs for wealth, comfort, and luxury are all fulfilled through the presence of just one item, money.

Having been in a situation where most of us are out of cash and are desperately in need of it, all of us acknowledge the importance of money. During such situations, all options need to be thoroughly evaluated in order to acquire the funds we need.

It can be the first of the month and time for your rent payment, or it can be the last few days before the payroll. Every situation that makes you feel desperate for money comes with a challenge of its own which needs to be tackled profoundly.

The main point to note is:

Things look smooth as long as the money keep rolling in. However, as soon as things get a bit tight, the need for money is felt desperately. If you are living on rent, you will encounter the trouble on a monthly basis as people living on rent have to spend a lot during the first few days of the month.

When the going gets tough, and the options run out, that is when you can turn to us. While being desperate for money is not the best situation to be in, the situation can be tackled through the following ways:


1.     Bid adieu to all your extra clothes

Situations where you are desperate for money can get out of hand if quick action is not taken. The main course of action is to look for a solution that rewards you within a day or two.

While there are plenty of options to make money, the best options in a desperate situation are those which give rewards as soon as possible.

In this regard, all of us have plenty of old clothes stocked up within our wardrobes. The old clothes do act as a reminder of the old times but getting rid of the reminder is a feasible thing to do in a desperate situation.

Plenty of retailers are more than happy to take your old clothes for money. The rate is ascertained with mutual consent, but is often at the lower end. If you want more, you can go to online markets and advertise your clothes for the price you want to sell them. This way, you can sell your clothes for a good sum which can act as a temporary relief during desperate times.

2.     Walk some dogs in the neighbourhood

Pet lovers will drool at the thought of this. The chance to earn money while walking dogs of different breeds is a very unbelievable proposition.

You have to go searching within your neighbourhood and suggest people the service that you are willingly offering. You can fix a meagre amount for a walk per dog, which can drastically increase when you start gathering more customers.

The payment should be received on a daily basis, so that you are getting money during these tough times. Furthermore, if you love pet animals, you can continue with the pastime even after your desperate need for money is fulfilled.

If you are an avid dog lover, then the best way for you to cash in on the opportunity provided will be to build a good PR with the dog owners and initiate a cordial relation with them and their dogs.

3.     Sell the unused gift cards

The seemingly useless gift cards in your wallet, covering the place of some hard cash, can come in handy now.

Gift cards are often welcomed with the most disgruntled groans when they are given as a gift to someone on their birthday. The fact is that gift cards are often underutilized. The card can be used for a variety of reasons though, like selling it for some fast cash whenever you are in a desperate situation.

Gift cards can earn you a good amount based on the royalty factor and how you reach out to the audience. Being in a desperate situation will not give you the choice to search thoroughly for the options, as you will seal the deal with the first person that offers you money on return.

Just a heads up: Whenever you are selling gift cards, always reach out for the best audience, preferably of current customers of the store, because only they will realise the value of the card and give you a sizeable amount in return.

4.     Go searching for a random chore

While lying in bed and wondering about better days to come does seem like a good option, it is in fact, the worst thing that you can do while being in desperate need of money.

Don’t lie around and waste further time. You can go around looking for random chores in your neighbourhood. No matter what time of the year it is, there are people who would love a helping hand with managing their everyday chores. You can either help clean a garage for someone or shovel the snow away from the driveway of someone’s house in the winter.

Whatever the season, the best remedy is to keep yourself busy and ready for any work that can come your way. Moving around will get your mind out of the desperate situation and make you feel active and alive.

The money collected from these random chores is not going to make you a millionaire overnight, but would be enough to make end meets during the desperate state.


5.     Sell all of your old CDs, DVDs and electronic items

All of us have some outdated electronic items that are no longer part of our future plans and are almost useless. In a desperate condition, it is best to get rid of all the collections which were once your most prized possession.

You can sell those old collectibles to any pawn shop in your locality to earn some cash from them.

Furthermore, if you have any old electronic gadget which you don’t use anymore, then you can part ways and sell it as soon as possible. Electronic items often get sold pretty fast so there is a decent chance that you would be walking out with cash from items that you had deemed useless earlier on.


6.     Borrow from a friend or family

While borrowing from friends and family has a very beneficial outcome, it has its drawbacks. You cannot just go barging into someone’s house for a quick loan. You need to be courteous about it and ask for the loan as a favour which would soon be repaid.

Borrowing from family and friends might seem easy, but this is also a very temporary option. You cannot go and ask friends for a loan every time you hit zero.

The situation might not be ideal for many, but if all other methods fail, then there is no harm in going to family and friends for some immediate help.

It is recommended that you follow up on the person’s financial status before inquiring about the loan though. You do not want to be in a situation where the other person, even while being willing to give you the loan, cannot do so, because of the limited reserves available.


7.     Broaden your horizons and Babysit

Baby sitting might not be the most befitting or financially rewarding job, but if you have got the ability to look after babies in an exemplary way, then you have the skills to pay your bills.

Babysitting can be done in your neighbourhood, without much of a hassle. You can just go asking about it at the nearest house in the block which has children in it.

Babies can be very cute at times, which is an added plus. Besides having to encounter the Herculean task of changing a baby’s diaper, babysitting can be extremely fun.

If you care for the babies that you watch over, and don’t share dead baby jokes with the parents, then you might as well build a strong client base which can come in handy in the future.

8.     Get rid of all the extra books

Many people have the habit of stockpiling as many books as the shelves in their home allow them to. Most of the books within the collection have not even been read since a long time.

Many people even have books from their school days piled in the shelves. The books are just lying there, partly because of their negligence and partly because that there wasn’t really a need to sell them.

Well, when you are desperate for money, the books piled up in your home can offer a very quick source of income.

You can get all the books sold either through the internet or by visiting the respective shops. As books are always in demand, there is a very good chance that you might end up with a good amount in your wallet after the transaction.


9.                        Negotiate

While this might sound ridiculous at first glance, negotiating is the best thing to do when all options seem futile and useless.

If you have the landowner knocking at your door constantly for rent, you can take solace in negotiating the deal rather than just packing your bags for a trip down homeless road.

Negotiating in a way which makes the other person understand your viewpoint can help you stand in a better position. If the other person understands your viewpoint, then you can benefit from their sympathetic nature.

If you have a landlord who has a heart of stone, then there is no point in negotiating. Desperate situations come and go, but it is better to pack your own bags before the landowner kicks you out.

Going through monetary trouble can be a very big hassle and will eventually hamper your performance at work and during all other activities. While the solution to this problem is not definite, online money lenders provide the best alternative which is bound to get you out of troubled scenarios.

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