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Looking for a fast 500 pound loan? Well you have come to the right place. Here at My-QuickLoan we pride ourselves on trying to help individuals come to the right decision when choosing their loan provider. We’ll explain how we work and why going through us will save you time and hassle. Also, we’ll look into the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing a fast £500 payday loan.

How we work and why it could save you time and hassle on a £500 loan

“We are an introducer appointed Representative of T Dot UK Group Limited, who are a credit broker, not a lender” What this means is we have access to a large panel of lenders and instead of going through all the different lenders, entering all your details numerous of times. You can simply enter your details once for your 500 pound loans on our quick quote page. We’ll use our partner’s award-winning technology to scroll through 50+ lenders within seconds and the software will then automatically match you with the lowers rates to your circumstances. For more information about how our website works please see our home page.

Advantages of £500 payday loans

If accepted by a lender, you could have the money in 10 minutes in your account^.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week our system operates so you can have your 500 pound loan at any time of the day, even at weekends. For more information on this please see our 24 hour payday loan page

Some of the lenders specialise in bad credit, so if you’re looking for a £500 loan with bad credit, there’s a good chance you might still get a loan even when the banks have previously rejected you. We also have a page on bad credit quick loans should you need more information

Getting a quote won’t affect your credit score. Yes, that’s right, the software we use called a ‘Pingtree’ which will only carry out a soft search on your credit file. Then, if you are accepted by a lender and decide to proceed with their quote, the lender will then proceed to carry out a full credit search on you.

Disadvantages to taking a 500 pound loan out

High interest – unfortunately, this is the case for most short term loans.

If you don’t make the repayments this can cause serious problems and in some cases leave you with a CCJ and very poor credit. So please consider the loan repayments and only apply if you know that you can comfortably make the repayments.

A £500 loan is quite a large amount for a fast payday loan, so you will pay back more interest compared to a £100 loan or a £200 loan.

Always check the APR, but most importantly check how much interest you will be paying back on your 500-pound loan, this is a lot clearer than using an APR. Check the monthly repayments and if they are too high, do not accept the £500 loan quote. Look at alternatives to payday loans or speak to a debt charity if you are really struggling financially.

Other useful links will be our instant loans page which is also our home page.

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